A Guide on MCT Oil

MCT oil is usually fat that is produced from coconut oil and also palm kernels. At times, people call it coconut oil. You should understand that not all fats are equal before you think of how increasing your fat intake will help. Most of the dietary fats made of long-chain triglycerides. Which have about 12-18 carbon atoms in each chain? The medium chain triglycerides are short and have about 6-10 carbon atoms in each chain. Due to the difference in structure, the two fats have a vast difference.

Since the MCTs have a reduced chain length, they can be absorbed and metabolized very fast. They are converted efficiently into fuel for immediate use and not stored as fats. During intense exercise, they are used as an energy source more rapidly than glucose, and they have twice calories per gram making them the best energy source. The MCT oil can assist you in getting in shape due to reasons such as, it maintains muscle mass, it increases metabolic rate, it promotes ones fat burning, and it also improves the endurance and athletic performance.

MCT oil could have some side effects such as nausea, gastric difficulties, and diarrhea. There are also some warnings given when using the oil. The ketone bodies produced as byproducts of MCT metabolism, so people with diabetes are not supposed to use it. People with the disease should also avoid using it since MCTs are delivered rapidly to the liver, and their presence could put stress on the liver. People with encephalopathy should also not take MCT. Extended usage of MCT also increases the cholesterol levels.

MCTs improve endurance and athletic performance, and they also accelerate fat burning, they speed up your metabolism as they maintain muscle mass. MCTs Can be extremely beneficial in helping anyone who wants fitness and all who have athletic goals, but they should not abuse since they have potential side effects. Few studies are conducted for determining long-term consequences of their use.
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It is wise to use MCT oil but should use sparingly. It should not be used always. For starters, they should use minimal levels of it as thy figure out how it responds to their bodies. It is wise when you use it with a purpose which could be to provide you with a boost when you have hard training sessions or for getting ripped or when you are in final phase of low carb diet.